Intego Washing Machine: The Only Mac Cleaner You’ll Ever Need [Deals]



Want to boost your Mac’s performance? The latest offer from Cult of Mac Deals will help you clean it, oganize it, and a\make it faster…and all at a fraction of the regular price.

Intego Washing Machine makes it easy to get rid of the junk that’s making your Mac slow – duplicate files and old programs you never use. Plus, it enables you to automatically organize things so both you and your Mac operate more efficiently. And Cult of Mac Deals has Washing Machine for just $19.99 – a savings of 33%!

Intego has completely rewritten Washing Machine from the ground up, transforming it from an Internet security tool to a powerful Mac utility. It safely seeks out and removes large, unneeded files, freeing up valuable hard disk space and speeding up the operating system. Washing Machine also features tools to organize the dock and desktop, and lets you create Smart Folders for quick access to frequently used files.

The result? A Mac optimized for greater efficiency, and a happier you.

The highlights of Intego Washing Machine include:

  • Reclaims Space: Seeks out files you no longer use or need and quickly removes them from your Mac, freeing up gigabytes of space and increasing performance. These files include downloads, caches, logs, and trash.
  • Finds Duplicates: Identifies duplicate files by analyzing the bits, and lets you select which versions to remove. Other Mac cleaners find duplicates by using basic techniques that fail to identify all duplicates.
  • Creates Smart Folders: A powerful OS tool, Smart Folders offer quick access to frequently used files and applications. Even add these folders to Finder favorites.
  • Organizes the Dock: Shows what apps are used the most (or least) and allows you to quickly drag the apps to or from the dock.

What are you waiting for? Clean, organize, and boost Your Mac’s performance with one simple program: Intego Washing Machine. Get it today for only $19.99 from the Deals page.