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LG’s Ultra-Wide 4K Mac Pro Display Is Wider Than Two Monitors



If you’re buying a Mac Pro today, you might also be looking around for a 4K monitor or two to hook up to it. Well, LG has you more than covered, with its crazy wide new 19:10 ratio 4K screen, catchily dubbed the 31MU95. The 31-inch screen has a resolution of 4,096 x 2,160, and is so wide you might only need one of them.

Most people who hook up two monitors to a computer do it to extend their desktop, letting them view several windows side-by-side, for example. And for them, this new monitor might be ideal, letting you do the same thing on just one screen.

But multiple-monitor setups are good for other reasons, too, like putting video footage or a photo on one screen and the editing interface on another. And – completely coincidentally we’re sure – this new LG matches the resolution of RED’s pro video cameras.

There’s also a Thunderbolt 2 port in there for actually getting that footage into the Mac Pro lickety-split.

When? January next year. How much? Who knows, but if you can afford a Mac Pro then you probably won’t be worried about that.

Source: Engadget