Photos+ For iPhone, A Better Photo-Browsing App With Maps And Metadata



Photos+ is a new iPhone app from Justin Williams aka Second Gear software aka the developer of iOS text editor Elements. Photos+ is in the “one thing well” school of apps: it lets you look at the photos you have on your iPhone, and it does a better job that the built in app. In most ways at least.

The app shows you beautiful, big thumbnails of your pictures, and tapping one takes you to a full-screen view. And this is where things get better than the still-confusing stock photo app.

On screen are a few extra icons. One lets you see associated metadata: camera type, aperture and shutter speed, lens focal length, ISO and the size of the photo. You can also tap on a map marker button to see the picture on a map. If the photo has no GPS coordinates, this button has a cross in it, making it easy to see the GPS status without superfluous tapping.

Photo sharing can be done straight from the app via message, e-mail, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook using the standard iOS sharing sheet.

Finally, you can browse to any album, and you can easily select multiple photos to add to an existing album, or to share more than one image at a time.

The app is slick and easy to use, and works without any of the guessing required to use Apple’s own app. I like that it mirrors your existing library, making it a truly useful alternative to the stock photos app.

Photos+ is available now for just $3.

Source: Second Gear Software