New Evernote Safari Extension: Mark Up And Annotate The Web


Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 10.09.13


Wow, the Evernote folks are on a real roll these days. Not only does the iOS app now not suck enough to use it every day, but the new Safari web clipper is good enough to make me use my Mac for browsing the web again. It’s like a combination of Skitch, Instapaper and, well, Evernote.

The new web clipper lets you do pretty much everything you need to do with a website. You can just save it, or you can mark it up and save the results as a screenshot, you can opt to use a simplified, Instapaper-like view to remove all the crap from the page before saving, you can just save a bookmark, and you can save to your Evernote account or share the results directly with other people.

The clipper is based on some fancy web-appery, and when you click it a new sidebar slides in to present the options. It’s as slick as using a native app, and it of course connects direct to your Evernote account letting you add tags and choose which notebook you want to use.

If you’ve been jealous of the Evernote Clearly extension for Chrome, you needn’t be anymore. It looks like the new Safari extension does all that Clearly does and more. In fact, if Evernote shipped this extension as a standalone browser for the iPad it’d be in my dock in a second.

Source: Evernote