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Skitch Comes To iPhone With Evernote Integration, Cross-Platform Syncing, Pixelation & More


Skitch finally comes to your pocket!
Skitch finally comes to your pocket!

Evernote has updated Skitch, its wonderful image editing tool, to make it a universal app, and to introduce a stack of new features. The app was previously exclusive to the iPad, but now you can use it to annotate pictures of your cat on your iPhone, too. What’s more, the update also brings full Evernote integration, cross-platform syncing, and more.

Evernote Brings Skitch To The iPad For Free!


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We’ve long loved Skitch, the screenshot and image editor that we’ve been using on our Macs in one way or another since 2007. A few months back, the guys behind Evernote bought out Skitch, which raised some questions about its future as a stand-alone app, but we needn’t have worried: not only is Skitch its own Mac app, but it’s now become a shiny iPad one as well.

Skitch Is Beta No More



Skitch, the screenshot and image editor that’s been in beta since the day your parents were born (OK, since 2007), has finally reached 1.0.

If you’ve not tried Skitch before, now’s a good time to give it a spin. The emphasis is definitely on screenshots – taking them, and adding text, arrows, annotations and other fun stuff. It’s an app much beloved by writers of Mac blogs, who’ve made much use of it over the years for making quick-and-easy illustrations for their posts. Guilty as charged, Your Honour.

The deal with Skitch 1.0 is simple: you can still use the app for free if you like (“YAY!” cry the Mac bloggers), but if you shell out about $15 a year, you can get all sorts of sexy extras like no ads, more image formats, SSL encryption and more more more.

(Via delicious Brett at TUAW, oh yeah.)