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How To Add Your Facebook Events To Mavericks’ Calendar App [OS X Tips]


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Unfortunately, Facebook kind of runs my scheduling life. I plan events there, accept events from other folks for parties and recitals and stuff, and–most importantly–keep track of many birthdays that I’ve never really put into my calendar over the years.

The last couple of OS X iterations have required some bit of effort to make the Facebook calendars show up in the Calendar app, though. Mavericks changes that by making it chimp simple to get your Facebook events connected to your Calendar app.

Launch Calendar on your Mac with a double click or via a launcher like Alfred. Once launched, head up to the Calendar menu and click it. Slide on down to Add Account, and click there. A list will drop down, with Facebook as one of the options. Click on the Facebook icon and hit Continue. Enter your Facebook email and password in the following screen and click Next.

You’ll then get an explanation of what syncing with Facebook will do, including downloading your Facebook friends to the Contacts app, which you can disable in the System Preferences later. Click Sign in to begin the process. After a quick few seconds, the window will go away and you’ll have your Facebook events in the Calendar app.

To further customize, hit Command-comma to bring up the Calendar preferences, where you can choose to disable the account as well as change how often the calendars are refreshed, every minute, every five minutes, every 30, and so on.

Via: MacLife