Make Your Mac Look Like Your iPhone With This Great iOS 7-Like Icon Set [OS X Tips]



We’ve already shown you how to make your Mac look more like your iPhone running iOS 6, so we thought we would change it up a bit.

Today, let’s make your Mac look like Apple’s latest and greatest iOS 7 with this icon pack from Deviant Art user iynque (Andrew Williams) and a free copy of Panic’s fantastic Mac theming app, CandyBar.

First, head on over to the Panic website, where the company is offering its Mac OS X theme app, CandyBar, for free. Download the .zip file, un-zip it onto your Mac, and double click the adorable little red icon to start it up. Allow the app to access your contacts, and join the mailing list if you like. Then, apply the update to bring it into compatibility with the latest supported OS X version, 10.8.3.

Next, click on the serial number located on that very same Panic website, and allow CandyBar to register itself. Now you have a fully functioning OS X icon theming app.

Now head on over to the Williams’ Deviant Art page, and download the icon pack via the Download button over in the right sidebar of the web page. It’s 198 M, so it may take a while, depending on your internet speed.

Once downloaded, unpack the .zip file with a double-click, and then double-click the included iOS 7.icontainer file. CandyBar will open and install all the little icons to its database. Next, click the Use these Icons button, and then the Apply Icons button at the top of the CandyBar window. Your Mac may ask you for an admin name and password; enter it here.

You’ll then need to logout to apply the changes, but CandyBar gives you a convenient button to do so. Click Log Out, and then log back in with your user name and password.

Now many of your system icons will look like iOS 7 icons, and you can wow your friends and family.

Source: Andrew Williams

  • doknos13

    Hey peeps if you like that and need more come on on my tumblr, i have more!!!

  • Bazza1

    Thought you’d let that install neccesity of CandyBar to just slip by – “Allow the app to access your contacts…” – for a product that patently doesn’t need that to work as intended?

    Not gonna happen – if the makers of the app want my contact info, they can write to the NSA.

  • Jreed1235

    does this not work with Mavericks???

  • crummett

    Never. I do not, not, NOT like the new icons.

  • Christopher Breen

    whenever i try to do this, it tells me that i have an unqualified system, says if i quit the icons will be lost. same thing over and over. doesnt work

  • surrapple

    Two things:
    1) even though it says it’s unqualified and it’s gonna cancel out of your changes – they do save upon logout.
    2) but the huge bummer is – it only replaces a certain few icons. like, I’d really like my calendar icon and all my adobe icons, and things like that to be replaced! And while there are designs for them, it appears CandyBar doesn’t work to replace them. What gives, and is there a way to do it some other way?

  • keithox

    Does not work with Mavericks :-(

  • Tony Caballero

    If your friends and family are wowed by iOS7 icons, they REALLY need to get out more…