Padacaster Mini Turns Your iPad Into A TV Studio


There’s no getting around the fact that you look like a total dork when taking photos with your iPad, a problem only slightly mitigated by using the iPad Mini. But id you start shooting video with the Padcaster Mini, all bets are off. Even with my finely-tuned DorkDar (like a radar for nerdiness), I have no idea whether the Padcaster Mini will make you look awesome or utterly ridiculous.

Like it’s big brother the Padcaster, the Padcaster Mini is a kind of utilitarian exoskeleton for your iPad, an aluminum frame with a urethane insert to safely grip the iPad, and with a whole mess of connections and mounting points on the outside.

The idea is that it turns your iPad Mini in a a connected podcasting or movie-making rig, letting you attach microphones, lights and other videographer paraphernalia, as well as mounting the iPad itself onto a sturdy tripod or something like a steady-cam rig or shoulder mount. There’s even a mount on there to fit lenses from your SLR.

And if you don’t have an iPad Mini? Amazingly, you can even press the Padcaster into action as an accessory mount for a regular DSLR or other camera – anything with a tripod hole will fit inside.

It looks great, and if you use the right lens adapters you can shoot pro-looking video, and then edit it and upload it all from the same device. Try that with your Canon 5D MkIII.

The retail price will be $149, and the cheapest buy-in on Kickstarter is currently $99.

Source: Kickstarter