Protect Your Privacy – Clear Cache Files, Browsing History, And Cookies From Chrome [iOS Tips]


Chrome Settings

Google’s Chrome for iOS is a heck of a browser on iOS, and a great alternative to using Safari, except for the fact that it’s not quite as integrated into the experience as Safari is.

Because of that, if you use Chrome and want to clear out your browser data to keep others from checking out what you’ve been doing on the web, you won’t be able to do so in the official Settings app like you can with Safari data.

Here’s how to clear your cache files, browsing history, and any cookies from Chrome in iOS.

Launch Chrome, and then tap on the settings icon, which looks like three horizontal lines stacked vertically, in the upper right of the browser screen. Tap on Settings, which is near the bottom of the resulting menu, and then tap on Privacy.

Now, you can just Clear Browsing History, just Clear Cache, or just Clear Cookies and Site Data. Tap the respective button and you’ll get a confirmation dialog. Tap Clear to make it happen, or Cancel to do the opposite.

If you want to clear all these things in one fell swoop, hit the Clear All button there at the end of the list of choices. You can also clear all your saved passwords and bookmarks at the same time, if that’s something you want to do.

When you’re finished protecting the world from your web habits, hit the blue Done button in the upper right, and go back to the hamster videos.

Via: OS X Daily

Clearing Chrome Browser Data in iOS:
Open the Chrome app and tap on the menu button, which looks a bit like this: [=]
Navigate down and tap on “Settings”, then tap on “Privacy”
Tap on “Clear All”, or optionally, tap the individual options to “Clear Browsing History”, “Clear Cache”, or “Clear Cookies, Site Data”
Optionally, you may wish to remove any saved login details and passwords by tapping on “Clear Saved Passwords” at the same settings screen.
Tap “Done” when finished to be back in the standard Chrome browser as usual.