Dismiss Notifications Quickly And Easily In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]


Notification Dismiss iOS 7

Notifications in iOS 6 can be annoying, for sure. To dismiss them takes some funky gestures, which we tipped you on a while back.

In iOS 7, however, notifications look different, and — thankfully — are a little easier to dismiss. Here’s how it works.

When a notification drops down on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 7 beta, it’s a black bar with white text. You can tap on the notification to go right to the app that issued it, as per usual.

To dismiss it, you can simply swipe the notification up, and it will go away. The end. Pretty cool, right? It mirrors the way you can dismiss the Notification Center, so it should make more sense than the previous “pull down, then up” sort of weird gesture.

Now when you get a notification on your iPhone, if you’re running iOS 7, you can just do what comes naturally and slide it back up where it came from. Hooray!