‘Plants Vs Zombies 2’ Finally Coming To The App Store Tomorrow


It's about time. Seriously.
It's about time. Seriously.

In a clever Facebook status update, the App Store posted a picture of a zombie hand, thrusting upward through the dirt. The caption reads, “It’s about time. Guess what game is coming tomorrow?”

That game can only be PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies 2, the highly anticipated sequel to smash hit Plants vs Zombies, a lane-based castle defense game that’s since appeared on every gaming platform known. PvZ2 was supposed to release last month in July, but was delayed here in the U.S.

Tomorrow, then, is the big day, and we’re excited.

Plants vs Zombies 2 takes the basic concept of the bizarre variety of combat-enabled plants defending a home base against hordes of wacky zombies. The new game adds several layers of depth to the gameplay, including variously themed eras of history, like Ancient Egypt, Pirates, and the Wild West.

PopCap’s new Plants vs Zombies 2 will be free to play, exclusively on the App Store, for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Brains!

Source: Facebook