Google Maps For iPad Is Finally Here



Google Maps has been updated to 2.0 for iOS, which means that it finally has a native iPad interface. No longer will iPad users have to deal with stupidly-oversized navigation elements on the 2x pixel-doubled screen.

The app is pretty much the same as last week’s Android update, only prettier because its on iOS. Along with the new iPad-sized UI, there’re better traffic updates, indoor maps with walking directions (airports, malls and so on) plus a bunch of “explore” features that let you browse local businesses — stores, bars, hotels and the like — from a tiled interface.

The interface is pretty great, and works well on the iPad mini. Search results get a plain white box to live in, with one result presented. Tap this to get a full-screen view of all results (in a tiled grid) or tap the little on-screen icons to change get details right there on the map.

In short, it’s Google Maps, only packaged for the iPad. You’ll probably love it, especially if you’re a fan of comprehensive and (fairly) accurate search results.

Source: App Store

  • Shane Bryson

    It’s a MESS. It has yet to find my location since the update. The Explore tab only shows up when it feels like it. You can only use the Explore tab when on your current location, meaning I can’t search for a location that I’m not currently at and then explore there. It needs a dedicated explore button that is always visible and works all the time. A MESS!!!

  • xTHENKx

    I really wish we could choose defaults. I would love to change out Apple Maps for Google Maps.

  • trudderham

    You can also save maps locally to your device in this version, there’s a handy tutorial that explains it here: