Stack Up On Thousands Of Resources With The Summer Creative Design Bundle [Deals]


CoM - Summerdesignbundle

As a designer, there is no such thing as too many resources. It’s simple – the more assets you have, the more combinations and unique designs you can deliver. With that in mind, the more designs you can deliver, the more dynamic of a designer you’ll be! If you are looking for a UI/UX bundle that has it all, look no further.

The Summer Creative Design Bundle is a Cult of Mac Deals special offer that gets you lifetime access to literally thousands of high-quality assets…for only $39!

We’ve found some top-of-the-line designs for our designer fans to put into this bundle.Not only does this bundle include over 2.5 gigs of design resources, but a majority of the assets are completely customizable, and professional quality.

Here’s what we’ve packed into The Summer Creative Design Bundle:

  • PSD Files: Over 700 megabytes of professional-quality PSD files. These files contain multiple layers of completely customizable designs.
  • Icons: Hundreds of icons optimized for website AND mobile apps. Filled with the most commonly used icons in .png, .psd, and .ai formats.
  • Textures: Outstanding high-res concrete textures that can be used as backgrounds or to create textured elements within your own designs.
  • Print Templates: Professional templates for the most common marketing materials. Simple designs that will allow you to show off your work, business, event, or just about anything else.
  • Text Styles: A number fonts with multiple Photoshop layer styles makes it easy to create your own unique text. Just add the style preset to your text layer to add a cool effect to any font.

And that’s just for starters. If you want to get a sense of everything that’s included with this bundle – as what is mentioned here only scratches the surface (as well as read up on all the important reminders surrounding this offer), visit the Deals page.

Don’t waste your time creating basic UI elements. With The Summer Creative Design Bundle you can have a pool of them that you can improve and customize, and spend more time on the more creative aspects of your design projects – which will make you a better (and therefore highly demanded) designer. Get this Cult of Mac Deals offer for just $39 before time on this deal runs out!