Adobe’s AI-powered iPhone camera app debuts June 9


new camera app from Adobe
Raise the cool factor on your iPhone photos with the Adobe Photoshop Camera app.
Photo: Adobe

The wait for Adobe Photoshop Camera is almost over. When it hits the App Store on June 9, the free iPhone application will let users add filters and effects before they even take a picture. And it will employ artificial intelligence to clean up images.

Adobe unleashes massive updates for Photoshop for iPad, Fresco, Premiere Pro, more


Photoshop May 2020
If you do anything creative on your computer, this will matter to you.
Photo: Adobe

Adobe has updated several of its applications for iPadOS and macOS, the company announced Tuesday. Apps getting new features and overhauls include Photoshop for iPad, drawing and painting tool Fresco, and assorted Creative Cloud video and audio apps.

If you’re someone who carries out any kind of creative task on your computer, chances are that at least one of these is going to be of interest to you. And probably a lot more.

Custom keypad puts Photoshop toolbar at your fingertips


DIY Photoshop keypad by 3dDecors
A screen doesn't have to separate you from your Photoshop toolbar.
Photo: 3dDecors

Once you learn the task behind each symbol, the toolbar in Adobe Photoshop becomes a natural extension of a photographer’s creativity. Stylistic flourishes are just clicks away.

Now, the toolbar can be physically at your fingertips.

A designer from Ukraine has transformed the iconic on-screen toolbar into an actual keypad he sells on Etsy.

Score 4 hours of full-spectrum Adobe Photoshop training [Deals]


Adobe Photoshop
Learn the ins-and-outs of Adobe Photoshop with this 4-hour crash course.
Photo: Kerde Severin

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most common and most powerful apps in all of digital photography and design. So if you’re looking to work with digital images, it’s software you’ll want to know well. This bundle of lessons offers an easy way to go from Photoshop beginner to skilled user.

AI-driven Select Subject tool added to Photoshop on iPad


Adobe Photoshop for iPad got a significant update today
Photoshop for iPad now has Select Subject powered by Artificial intelligence.
Photo: Adobe/Cult of Mac

A promised update to Photoshop on iPad debuted today. A notable new feature employs artificial intelligence to enable users to easily select the subjects of images. The latest version also makes accessing cloud storage much faster.

This is the first in a planned series of improvements for the iPad version of this professional image-editing software

Master all of Adobe CC with this comprehensive 40-hour course bundle [Deals]


The School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle
Learn the foundations of graphic design with these seven courses.
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Just because you’ve got a well tuned aesthetic sense or strong visual eye doesn’t mean you can jump into the graphic design field. To get working in the design game, you need a firm command of the core principles and key tools used by industry professionals.

Adobe Illustrator heads for iPad in 2020


Adobe Illustrator for iPad
Apple’s tablets would take another step toward parity with MacBook if Illustrator for iPad is real.
Photo: Adobe/Cult of Mac

An iPad version of the Adobe Illustrator professional drawing tool is in development, according to an unconfirmed report.

This apparently indicates Adobe is in the midst of converting several of its desktop tools to iPadOS, as Photoshop for iPad is also scheduled to debut sometime next year.

Master all of Adobe Creative Cloud with 12 comprehensive courses [Deals]


The Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle
Get comprehensive lessons in the range of apps in Adobe's Creative Cloud.
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If you want to land your dream job, mastering all the apps in Adobe Creative Cloud is a smart move. Powerful Adobe apps like Photoshop and Illustrator are industry standards for creating quality visual and interactive media

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Give your graphic design skills a big boost [Deals]


The Professional Graphic Designer Bundle
Take a deep dive into Photoshop and other fundamental graphic design tools.
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