iOS 7 Passbook Ditches Forstall’s Dumb Paper Shredder Animation


Passbook Delete


Passbook’s virtual ticket-shredder was one of the little touches in iOS 6 that wreaked of ugly skeuomorphisism. Now that Jony Ive has declared war against all of Scott Forstall’s tacky skeuomorphic UI elements, the Passbook ticket-shredder is now a thing of the past.

When you delete a card in Passbook now it just zaps away into the digital ether, rather than sending your virtual card through a virtual paper shredder that virtually obliviates your ticket so you know it’s deleted and no one can rummage through your virtual trash and piece together all the shreddings to steal your identity.

Here’s a GIF of the new iOS 7 animation in action:


  • bdkennedy

    I would have preferred it blowed up.

  • PassKit

    The Scan Code tool, within Passbook on iOS7 is very useful. Businesses are already enjoying the benefits of distributing passes via QR codes (or other 2D Barcodes) but the biggest complaint from the iPhone users is “what QR code scanning app do I use”, or worse still “what’s a QR code scanning tool”. Great to see Apple responding to this feedback in iOS7.