Spinpod iPhone Mount For Shooting Awesome Panoramas And Motion Time-Lapses



Still using that Ikea wind-up kitchen timer to take your time-lapse videos? Ditch it, because somebody has finally come up with a purpose-made iPhone motion rig that is cheap, fits in your pocket and can do double (triple?) duty as a panoramarator[1], and a passive sound-amplifying iPhone dock.

It’s called the Spinpod, and it’s a battery-powered slowly spinning mount for your iPhone. Use it stood on a wall or even in your hand for smooth, perfect panoramas using the iPhone 5’s pano feature, or in conjunction with an intervalometer app (snapping pictures at intervals) to make motion time-lapse movies.

The puck-shaped Spinpod runs off a built-in rechargeable battery, can run in either direction and has two modes, letting you alter the speed depending on what kind of pics or videos you’re snapping. The iPhone fits into the oversized slot and a thumbwheel clamps it into place. This means it’ll work with any current model of iPhone, plus the iPod touch, and any non-giant Android phone (good luck finding one of those).

Got a camera? Just rest it on top – the surface is flat – or use the included tripod mount which clamps into the phone-hole. And you can even use it as a dock; the oversized hole means that the iPhone will lean back a little when the clamp isn’t tightened.

How much? $59+, depending on which Kickstarter option you go for. Delivery is forecast for October, so don’t actually toss out your Ikea timer just yet.

Source: Kickstarter

  1. Yes, I made that word up.  ↩