Mextures, A Great-New Photo Grungifyication App For iPhone



Remember Merek Davis’ Mextures? They were a bunch of image files for adding textures to your iOS photos using Photoshop Touch or other layering and blending apps. Now Merek, who was so proud of these textures that he named them for himself, has made an app.

Mextures App includes these textures, along with light leaks and gradients (please don’t use the light leaks – you’ll hate yourself for it in a few years time). But it has more than that.

The app contains something it calls Formulas, which are saved presets. Once you’re happy with a look you can apply it quickly to your pictures, one after the other. And you can share these Formulas, too, as well as browse those shared by others.

Mextures also uses non-destructive editing. You can stack layers of effects and go back to adjust them at any time in the future (so maybe you could add a few light leaks after all). Layers can also be switched up using blending modes, an advanced photoshoppy feature essential for this kind of work.

Oh, and it’s a dollar. You should probably go grab it now.

Source: Mextures

  • klikekyle

    So proud to have Merek as a friend and he did a great job on this app. in case anyone was wondering YES the square crop requirement will be addressed in a future update.

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