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Real-Life Instagram Filters Now (Almost) Available [Kickstarter]



Remember those cool glass filters that act like a real-life Instagram for your real-life camera? They’re finally ready for pre-order, kinda.

The Mount July filters, from Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush, are now up on Kickstarter ready for your support. Minimum buy in to actually get a filter is $35, and the full set is $95.

There are three filters, all with graduated colored glass. The Stinson is kind of sepia-y, the Sedona is pink at the edges and fades to blue and then clear at the center, and the Sayulita is like you took acid at the end of the 1970s. You can stack ’em and twist ’em, and the idea is that you get your cool effects in-camera, which means less post processing and more serendipitous accidents when actually shooting.

I have feeling that Instagrammatical filters are going to be very embarrassing in ten years’ time, and they’ll look as dated to our 2023 eyes as those 1980s faves – the starburst and the tobacco grad – look to us today. And we’ll wonder why we took the amazing photos produced by our iPhone cameras and ruined them by crushing the blacks and adding the kind of color casts that print labs have spend decades eliminating.

Anyway, that’s my curmudgeonly rant over. And I’ll admit that I still have a thing for big black and white film grain, fake or not. We all have our weaknesses… And these filters look like a lot of fun.

Source: Kickstarter