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Real Glass Filters Turn Your Camera Into An Instagram App



It’s funny: Back in high school I had a project called "Mount Julie" (which Julie never knew about), and now here in 2013 we see a new project called "Mount July." Coincidence? Probably…

Anyhow. Mount July will be a set of camera filters for film, stills and video which will add Instagram-like effects, using old-fashioned analog glass filters.

From the site:

BK-7 multi-coated precision optical glass provides crystal clear transparency with a low refractive index and low dispersion

Aluminum housing is lightweight and durable, to withstand scratching and breaking

Threaded ends allow attachment to any 58 mm camera lens, and the ability to stack multiple filters at once

Rotating inner groove-bearing facilitates smooth spinning of the filter

Included step-up ring adapts filters to fit all 52 mm camera lenses


The lenses will mix colors and blurs to give the kind of effects you normally apply in-phone or with post-processing. Why bother with these when you could just use any of a gazillion apps to do the same thing? There are a couple of reasons.

One, you’re done. Just like shooting JPGs in-camera instead of RAW, once you have pushed the shutter you’re finished, and your photo is baked. All the effects are already there, and you can move on to the next picture.

(Of course, you could always use the filtered picture as a starting point for post-processing).

Second, shooting with a filter on the lens changes the picture in different ways. It might be that you reframe an image to perfectly match the edge of a fake light-leak, or that you get a particularly neat lens flare it would be hard or impossible to add in post.

The Kickstarter project will be going live some time this month, so watch for it here or in our Twitter. The price? Around $25.

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