Heroes And Castles Gets Huge Update With New Campaigns, Cartography, And Characters


That troll looks grumpy.
That troll looks grumpy.

Heroes and Castles, Foursaken Media’s mix of a third-person shooter with the castle defense genre, is a heck of a lot of fun to play, and today the iOS game has gotten a big old update, with a ton of great stuff to extend the fun, possibly enticing new players to try it out as well.

There are three new characters to play and level up: a stealthy (and free) Assassin, a natural-magic Druid, and a brawny Barbarian character. You’ll be able to put each through their paces in a brand new single player campaign, available as an unlock upon completion of the original campaign, with an entirely new environment and a ton of new enemies to battle.

There’s a new co-op map as well as a player vs player map to contend with, and new ally units to send against your enemies, including a Dwarven tank, a long-range Hunter unit, armored Dwarven foot soldiers, and a couple of new Wizard units to unleash the scary arcane magics.

There are three new upgrade levels for units and buildings to match up to your higher level hero units, with new achievements to boot. The evil units in in versus mode will also level up with the Evil hero to make things a bit more balanced, too.

Add to all that, the devs have made it use less RAM on lower-end devices, like the iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S, each of with come with a lower 512 Mb of RAM. How nice is that?

Foursaken Media is just four brothers who make some nifty iOS games, like Heroes and Castles and Block Fortress, a cross between Minecraft and a tower defense game that you definitely should check out.

The free update for Heroes and Castles is live in the App Store. The game itself sells for a delightful $1.99.

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