Keyprop Looks Like A Key, Props Up Your iPhone [Kickstarter]



If you’re going to make an iPhone stand that slips onto a keyring, you may as well make it look like a key, amirite? Right? Hello?

Ok, so that part of the design is a little dumb, but the Keyprop itself is pretty ingenious, especially the way it manages to work with both the iPhones 4 and 5.

The Keyprop works like a key, and can even be used whilst still on the ring. At the business end there are two prongs. One slides into the Lightning hole of the iPhone 5, prevented from turning by the simple fact that both it and the hole are not round.

The other prong is round, and slips into the jack socket of the iPhone 4/S, using the flat Lightning prong as a prop to stop it from twisting in the hole.

Clever, huh?

Still, I’m not sold on the whole fake key design. It’s like skeuomorphism in real life (I’ll wait for you to parse that one). I also think that $15 is a little steep for something you might find in the corner dime store. Then again, maybe I can make one of my own form some of the junk I have lying around here…

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Bridgit!