Mastering Notification Center: Getting Twitter And Facebook To Work [OS X Tips]


Tweet Facebook From Notification Center

As Twitter reduces broad spectrum support for third-party apps, you may be looking for a way around using special apps to send out a Tweet from your Mac. Or, maybe you want to just send out a quick Facebook status update about something, but want to avoid the hassle of launching in a browser. Either way, you can send out tweets and update Facebook from Notification Center, starting with OS X Mountain lion.

You will have to enable these services, though, to make it all work. Here’s how.

If you use Safari and Mountain Lion, you’ll get asked if you want to allow other applications on your Mac to use your Twitter account, at least the first time you visit

If you’re not a Safari user, or would rather not use it to log in to Twitter, simple head into your System Preferences, click on Mail, Contacts & Calendars and go to that preference pane. Click on the plus button in the lower left, and then the Twitter logo in the list to the right and enter your Twitter credentials, including your @ username for the service and your Twitter password.

Now drop into your Notification Center, either by clicking on the little icon in the upper right corner of your screen, or using a hot key shortcut. A Click to Tweet button should show up there, so you can send a quick tweet without having to launch a browser or use a specific app to do so. There’ll need to be at least one notification in there to see the Click to Tweet button, however, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see it right away.

Do the same thing for Facebook, if you want to post to the ubiquitous social network right from your Mac. Click the plus button, click on Facebook, then enter your login info. A Click to Post will appear at the top of Notification Center, ready to go.

Via: Mac OS X Tips