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Mastering Alfred 2.0 On Your Mac: Send Quick Emails To Your Contacts [OS X Tips]


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By now you know that Alfred does a lot more than just launch apps, right? You can directly command your Mac OS X system from Alfred as well as launch stuff without ever taking your hands from the keyboard, the true power user position.

Did you also know you can send emails, with or without attachments, from Alfred as well? You need to purchase the £15 PowerPack (~$23 USD) to make it happen, unfortunately, but it seems like a pretty good price for such great functionality.

The Powerpack will enable things like sending email, searching iTunes, creating and importing Workflows, a special Clipboard snippet system, and a ton more.

Once you’ve purchased the Powerpack, activate Alfred with the hotkey you have set up in Alfred’s preferences (the default is Option-Space), and type the word ’email,’ sans quotes, and then the first few letters of a Contact name. A list of Contacts on your Mac with those letters in it will appear, and you can choose the one you want by hitting the keyboard shortcut for it, or click with the mouse. Your default email client will appear with a new message ready to send to that Contact.

If you want to send an attachment, use Alfred to find a file you want to send, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate down to the one you’re sending, and hit the right arrow on your keyboard. A new menu will appear, giving you several options, including Email To… and Email. The first will let you type in a Contact name, as above, while the second Email option will just set up a blank email with your attached file, using your default email client.

Via: AppStorm