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Undo That Mistaken Swipe In Mailbox For iPhone [iOS Tips]


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One of the central conceits of new iOS mail client, Mailbox, is getting to Inbox Zero, a zen state of pure joy, in which you feel much better having dealt with all your email. The way the app does this is with swipes. Swipe partway across an email to the right and you archive it with a pleasant green checkmark. Swipe completely from left to right and you send the offending email to the trash. It’s lovely, and easy, and oh so nice.

But what happens when you make a mistake and long swipe to Trash when you really meant to short swipe to Archive?

Thanks to the amazing integration with the iPhone and iOS, Mailbox allows for the very real probability that you will–at least at first–make a few mistaken swipes.

When you mis-swipe, don’t go hunting in the Archive or freak out and head to the Gmail web client on your Mac.

All you need to do is shake your phone. Yep, give it a good, firm flick with your wrist, making sure you have a good grip on the device, and a nice little message like the one in the screenshot above will appear. Tap the blue Undo button and your email will get back to where it was in the first place. If you mistakenly shake your phone, simply hit Cancel and get back to your business.

Sweet, huh?