This Gorgeous Concept Crams A 4.5-Inch Display Into The iPhone 6 By Killing The Home Button [Video]



While companies like Samsung have been busy making mega-huge smartphones with gigantic screens, Apple’s aim has been to keep the physical footprint of the iPhone the same while adding better features, like the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display.

If Apple wants to make an iPhone with a 4.5-inch screen though, it’s going to come with some big changes. However, Ran Avni has created an iPhone 6 concept that gives big display fans the 4.5-inch screen they dream of, without making the device bigger. To achieve the thinner, smaller design all Apple would have to do is ditch the home button.

Here’s a video of the concept:

It’s hard to imagine Apple killing, or relocating the home button just for a bigger display, but it might be worth it. What do you guys think? Does the iPhone need a bigger display? Would you be happy to see the death of the home button? Let us hear your opinions in the comments below.


Source: YouTube

Via: iFans