Get Started Pano Glitching With Your iPhone Camera



Pano Glitches are a the new fake light leaks. Only they’re better. Pano Glitching involves setting your iPhone to shoot a panorama and then dicking with it on purpose. Instead of following the instructions to smoothly sweep the iPhone across the scene in front of you, you can quickly switch views or just jerk the phone spastically in your hand t achieve a kind of visual Tourette’s.

I gave up on adding grain to my digital images a long time ago, and I never added light leaks except as an experiment – the pain of real light leaks is all too present in my mind. Why? Because faking analog faults seems phony, like hiding your big-screen TV inside an antique-style cabinet.

Yup. I added a little grain, just for you.

But Pano Glitching? Hell yeah. It’s pure digital, and it’s a lot of fun. Here’s Photojojo’s take:

Version 1: Stitch Totally Different Parts of a Scene

  • Sweep your phone to capture one part
  • Stop, then quickly move your phone to another part of the scene
  • And sweep again

Version 2: The Herky-Jerky

Make a jagged composition of a single subject by jerking your hand as you shoot the pano. This makes for a choppy, mosaic-like image.

I have discovered a few tricks of my own. The camera will only add to your pano if you sweep the camera in the direction you’re supposed to, so you can stop sweeping and move the iPhone up and down (or tilt it up and down) and then commence the sweep to stitch different viewpoints together.

The camera will end the capture session if it gets to the end of its sweep, so avoid quick twists around the vertical axis or you’ll find the camera cutting you off.

Now go, and have fun, and submit your creations to our Flickr Group. My first attempt is at the top of this post.

Source: Photojojo

  • thegraphicmac

    Congrats on the Tourette comment, you insensitive prick. The least you could do would be to spell it correctly. What the hell is the ‘s for?

    PS: I counted three errors in the first paragraph. Why don’t you spend time proofreading instead of insulting people while trying to be clever.

  • _PaulRobbo_

    I have to say that I love CultOfMac, its been invaluable to me since I converted to Mac from PC last year, and also just to keep me up to date with all things Apple.
    BUT….. I have to say i kinda agree with the commenter below, using references to disabilities and words like tourettes and spastically within your editorial reeks of unprofessionalism and is insensitive.
    My little sister suffers from a rare mental disability so i could have been extremely offended, I have thicker skin than that and appreciate that you never meant to offend anyone with your article, but others may not be so forgiving.
    I’d just say think about the impression your words give of not only yourself but as CultOfMac as a brand in future.