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ABC Is Making An App That Will Let You Stream Live TV




ABC, NBC, and CBS all have their own iPad and iPhone apps that will finally let you watch some of their shows for free. The catch with all of those apps is that you can’t watch a new show until 24 hours after it’s aired.

To take TV network apps to the next level, ABC is reportedly working on a new app that will let cable subscribers stream live network TV to their iPhone or iPad.

The New York Times has reported that the ABC app will allow users to watch “Good Morning America” and other shows on their tablet while it’s airing live on cable.

The app will work similar to Watch ESPN and Watch Disney, probably because Disney owns ABC and ESPN. Who knows, maybe the app will even be called Watch ABC. Once a user logs into the app with their cable subscription details, they will be taken to the live feed of ABC.

A launch date for the app hasn’t been announced, but hopefully it will come out this year. While we’ve seen a couple of subscriber based apps like HBO GO, none of America’s major television networks have tried to embrace a similar model, so it’s nice to finally get rewarded for streaming TV and keeping your cable subscription.


Source: NYT