Here’s How The iPhone 5 Compares To The Samsung Galaxy S 4 [Video]



If you didn’t hear the news already, Samsung announced their new flagship phone last night, the Galaxy S 4. It looks a lot like the Galaxy S 3. It’s made of plastic. Has a huge screen. And it comes with some weird software features you might use, but probably won’t.

We were on hand last night to test out the Galaxy S 4, and while it’s an impressive phone, it leaves the door open for companies like HTC and LG to capture the Android crown.

Here’s a video comparison of the Samasung Galaxy S 4 next to the iPhone 5:


Source: Phone Arena

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7 responses to “Here’s How The iPhone 5 Compares To The Samsung Galaxy S 4 [Video]”

  1. Zeteboy says:

    Samsung=copycat =cheap

  2. Zeteboy says:

    Samsung=copycat =cheap

  3. Robert X says:

    “It’s made of plastic.”

    That is all I really needed to know. I hate the feel.

  4. pierrevano says:

    Not at all pro iPhone oriented article.

  5. iSteve says:

    Samsuck continues to be the shit.

  6. joewaylo says:

    John broke the iPhone 5’s front screen and home button. :'(

  7. Bruce Schrock says:

    I love the non biased journalism here… I hate to say but Samsun is picking it up…. I just hope apple gets their head out of their ass and focus us on making their product even better.

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