Intel Will Make 10% Of All A7 Processors By 2014 [Rumor]



A questionable rumor from Digitimes suggests that Intel might make 10% of all of Apple’s A7 processors. If the rumor’s true, though, here’s how it would probably play out.

According to Digitimes:

Foundry service providers Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics are reportedly competing for Apple’s A7 processor orders. Rumors regarding the possibility of Intel obtaining the orders have also spread. According to institutional investors, Intel may obtain 10% of Apple’s A7 processor orders…

TSMC has been said to become the second largest supplier for Apple’s A7 processors and production is reportedly to begin in 2014. But recent rumors have spread that Intel may also receive Apple’s orders.

According to institutional investors, Samsung is likely to receive 50% of the A7 processor orders, TSMC 40%, and Intel 10%.

We’ve already discussed the likelihood of Intel making A7 processors, but that theorizing was predicated upon the idea that Intel would make all A7 processors, not just a small section of them.

The idea that Intel might make a small number of future A-Series processors makes a bit more sense. It would help them fill their manufacturing capacity, yet would not give them a major bargaining hold over Apple.

We can take it as read that if the next iPhone ships this year, it will have an A7 processor. So what Digitimes seems to be saying here is that Samsung will be the sole provider of A7 chips at first, but similarly to the way in which they are now making A5 chips, TSMC will eventually take over production of the A7 later in the SoC’s lifeline. Presumably, this is also when Apple would test the waters with A7 fabrication using Intel’s facilities.

Interesting, but Digitimes is more often than not a crock of crap. Take with a serious grain of salt.

Source: Digitimes