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Facebook Gets A Major New Overhaul, Coming To iPad & iPhone Soon


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Prepare to riot. Facebook — the social network you obviously spend every single second of every single day upon — is about to change their Newsfeed… and it’ll never be the same again! Up is down! Left is right! Zig is zag! Ahhhhhhh!

Just kidding. It’s not that bad, although those who fear change won’t be fond. The new design is “mobile-inspired” and is basically aimed at making it easier for you to filter the kinds of things your friends are sharing with you, and making them look better and less cluttered when you do.

Borrowing the menu it already uses on its iPhone and iPad app, the new Facebook navigation will slide off the page when it’s not needed and all you to focus on content, not clutter.

The change makes for larger images and videos, and also allows the introduction of subfeeds, which will let you separate all the content that pops up your feed into different subtypes: All Friends (everything your friends are sharing), Photos (nothing but a stream of big beautiful pictures), Music and Following (a feed with all the news from pages you like and people you follow, but aren’t friends with).

The overall visual impression is very nice, and they will be rolling out on the desktop over the coming few weeks. In the next month, they’ll also be coming to iPhone and iPad. In the meantime, you can sign up to get in sooner rather than later here.