Spotify Is Pushing To Bring Free Streaming App To Your iPhone



Spotify is one of the best music services available now and practically negates the need to ever buy music from iTunes. Being able to stream almost any song to your iPhone whenever you want is a dream for most people; the only problem is you have to pay a monthly fee for the app to work.

A new report claims that Spotify is trying to change all that by renegotiating deals with record companies so that you can get Spotify on your iPhone for free.

Citing several music industry sources, The Verge’s report claims that Spotify is already negotiating with Warner Music to change fees and rights to music streaming so that the free trial expands to the mobile app as well.

Negotiations with Sony and Universal should start up soon too, and if things go well, it should make the service more profitable while also adding more music to its catalogs.

The possibility of streaming Spotify’s catalogue for free sounds great, but don’t get too excited just yet. As Apple’s learned over the years, the music industry can be incredibly hard to deal with. Apple’s been rumored to have tried to get a streaming radio service off the ground for a year, but stalled negotiations have hindered the service, with no word on whether it will ever be released.

Source: The Verge