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Apple Will Hold An Apple TV-Related Event In March [Rumor]



Along with making ridiculous predictions like the impending arrival of an iTV, analysts have now taken to predicting when Apple will hold their next keynotes.

If you believe Peter Misek from Jefferies, then Apple is going to hold an Apple TV-related event in March, but there probably won’t be any new hardware on display, just software.

In a note to investors this morning, the analyst said that his recent “channel checks” are showing that Apple is going to hold a product event in March. The event will be Apple TV-related, but it’s probably just going to be for an iTV SDK so developers can prepare for an iTV or new Apple TV that will be launched in September or October of 2013.

It seems pretty likely that Apple will release an SDK for Apple TV in the future so developers can write apps to run natively on Apple’s little box, but we have no idea if it’s going to be as soon as March. We think it’s more likely that Apple will release an updated AppleTV with better hardware and third-party apps before launching a television set, but analysts keep hoping that an Apple branded TV is right around the corner.

Peter Misek has been one of the most fervent believers that Apple will eventually release an “iTV,” or an “iPanel” as he was calling it last year, so you should probably take his “channel checks” with a grain of salt here, until we hear something from better sources.


Update: Jim Dalrymple at The Loop has already squashed this rumor. For a history of Peter Misek’s horrible Apple predictions, check out this article.

Source: Business Insider