Apple’s HDTV Will Be Called The iPanel, Cost $1,250 [Rumor]



Popular belief is that if Apple does end up releasing their long-rumored smart TV, they’ll call it the iTV… but there’s problems with that, not least of which is that there are at least two companies out there called iTV who are threatening to sue if Apple does so.

So what will they call it? Analyst Peter Misek — who believes the Apple TV is imminent — thinks it’ll be called the iPanel, and Apple will be building up to 5M of them starting in May.

Why iPanel? It’s absurd, but Misek does have a point that calling it an iTV is very limited in scope where as an actual Apple HDTV would be able to do a lot more than what we traditionally think of televisions doing.

“It is a display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, etc.,” Misek said. “Also, Apple would likely have difficulty getting naming rights from the UK TV network ITV.”

Fair enough, although that sounds so tin-eared and tone-deaf we’re willing to bet Apple wouldn’t name anything an iPanel.

Misek’s other predictions are a little weird. He says that the Apple television will retail for $1,250 and bring in 30 percent gross margins. He also says that Sharp is shipping its IGZO panels to Apple for use in the iPanel, but that’s pretty unlikely: IGZO is effectively a power efficiency technology that allows displays to be brighter and have richer colors while using less power. That’s great, but it’s not ready for prime time yet, and Sharp’s yet to be able to maintain yields on panels produced using the tech. Plus, a TV is plugged in all the time, minimizing the returns on IGZO panels.

Personally, as certain as Misek sounds, we’d take all of this with a grain of salt, at least for the time being. What do you think?

  • OS2toMAC

    How about “iVision”? I can see the add. “Plug an iV into your multimedia experience.” :)

  • Paolo Maligaya

    “iPanel”? Reminds me of “iSlate”

  • Arron Hunt

    If a Cinema Display is $999, no way an HDTV from Apple will be as cheap as $1,250. I’m going to say at LEAST $1,599.

    What about the name Apple Cinema TV?

  • Matthew Geyster

    iPanel sounds stupid as hell. I think the use of the “i” before TV would let the consumer know to expect more because it’s an Apple product. If someone came up to me and said I just bought the new iPanel from the Apple store I would have no idea what it was. It sounds too Microsofty.

  • Joshua Curtiss

    I agree that iPanel doesn’t sound so good, but remember how the whole Internet ripped into iPad for sounding funny also? 50M units later… :-)

  • Joshua Curtiss

    I agree that iPanel doesn’t sound so good, but remember how the whole Internet ripped into iPad for sounding funny also? 50M units later… :-)

  • MattGodfrey

    iPanel doesn’t sound very Apple, in naming hardware, they’ve used all short, one syllable words: iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone. Though in software this isn’t the case: iMovie

    That said, I do like the name iVision

  • Barton Lynch

    People laughed at iPad, I don’t see anything wrong with iPanel.

  • JRitch

    How about the Apple “iDisplay”. Now you can Display anything as big as life its self.

  • Mister Hedge

    Hmm… well, I doubt they’d call it “Apple TV” like some think. I’m sure the little black box will stick around for a while after the TV is made (if it’s made at all). I don’t think “iPanel” sounds particularly Apple-esque, and “iTV” sounds like a tangled web of legal problems. Plus, it’s likely more than a TV.

    I think it’ll follow a similar naming convention as the iPod. It’ll be something we don’t expect and will come to redefine the entire experience.

  • Zach Beo

    It will use xbox kinect type of user interface

  • llahnoraa

    I wondered if iPanel is the codename, just like Apple Slate for iPad? I’d call it iMotion ;)

  • Mal Burns

    “iScreen” surely?

  • Daniel Hertlein

    The iPanel? No, no, no, no, no. Totally not buying it. Even it were possible for every remaining decision maker at Apple to be that completely tone deaf, there’s no way Steve would have signed off on it and no way Apple would disrespect his memory by going against his dying wishes. This is his last big thing. What it does sound like is some guy sitting around his house trying to think up details that would make his made up post about the iTV seem more plausible than all the other made up post about the iTV. I know there are problems with rights to the name but whether they call it Apple TV or iTV it would be stupid to not call it a TV.
    Apple wants to make the old way of doing TV seem as archaic as the old way of doing cell phones. The fact that it’s a completely different TV just makes the fact of their takeover all the more obvious.

  • WardC

    I’m tired of all the “i” stuff, — iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iBook, iAds, etc –I think it all sounds a little cheesy…I would rather have something like “Macintosh” back or “Quadra” or “Newton” which all ingenious and inspired names…all of this iCrap is a bunch of iBS, but it seems to sell. I was not impressed when Apple dropped the Macintosh name and started calling everything “Mac” — the iNames just want to shorten things even more — it emphasizes the fact that Apple thinks consumers are brainless idiots.

  • Evan Meichtry

    iPanel sounds stupid as hell. I think the use of the “i” before TV would let the consumer know to expect more because it’s an Apple product. If someone came up to me and said I just bought the new iPanel from the Apple store I would have no idea what it was. It sounds too Microsofty.

    Read the article? They can’t call it iTV, that company already exists -_-

  • BMWTwisty

    Not happening. Apple will not make TV hardware. Apple will use the Apple TV as the conduit to pump content to whatever monitors you choose. Quite possibly Siri might might enhance the UI, but there are issues with user proxiimity to the mic Siri would be receiving the commands from.

    Nope. No Apple-branded TV screen.

  • technochick

    The only thing worse than folks buying this like he knows anything is the whole ‘Steve would never allow this’ nonsense when you don’t like something. You don’t know if he would or wouldn’t so get off acting like you do.

  • C_Squid

    Misek should just stick to being head cheerleader and not delve into creative development, branding and marketing. Apple is not stupid like a panel. Apple is making the next best TV that does more than even the best new internet TVs.

    Here is just a sampling of why Apple (one of the most intelligent companies in the world) wouldn’t think about naming their next generation TV (that’s what it is folks!), anything but the iTV.

    1. Apple has the wherewithal to procure the name iTV from any entity. Why wouldnt iTV Plc want to have their name associated with one of the best company in the world? Imagine the deals and growth they would experience as a result. Plus, it’s obvious that they are already in Apple’s camp when they let their US trademark go abandonded recently as well as not even admitting they won’t vigorously defend their name…. Wake up Misek, that deal has been done already. So relax, this obvious PR job won’t affect the negotiations and price now for iTV, and his stock guesses won’t be affected either.

    2. iTV is currently an intuitively recognizable brand name widely associated with Apple already that can drive Apple’s revenue growth immediately and well into the future. Introducing a new brand name of that magnitude would take a vast amount of resources (probably close to $1B) as well as impacting the product’s critical time to market.

    3. Apple does not want the name iTV to become generic because it would spawn a dizzying array of copycats and water down the brand (and Apple’s existing brands!), which would greatly affect their future earnings. Many competitors are lining up to tap into to the TV Everywhere, or Content Everywhere models and content delivery market currently being touted. Those competitors would enjoy the instant brand recognition that an iTV name would garner.

    4. Apple’s millions of ardent followers and customers covet the iTV name/brand. It would be a public relations nightmare if the device wasn’t identified with the widely expected logical name and the name that is currently being bantered about.

    5. Steve Jobs legacy, vision, and the name he touted, the iTV, would be fulfilled.

    This is becoming old news. There have been thousands of dumb as a panel names like the iPanel that have been floated since the introduction of the Apple TV set top box device. Good thing Apple isn’t dumb; they know you have been (even in this article), and already are, calling their new device the iTV, and so will they.

  • dmontilla

    I think it’s absolutely likely that it will be called the ipanel or something to that effect, strictly because it is such a genius term for a tech home device. I mean, this is a new apple product, and not JUST a new apple product, but the first new invention since Jobs passed. It can’t be just a tv, it has to be bigger. It has to be the central hub of your entire household. It has to be where you log your todo list in the morning. It has to be how you set the temperature on your digital thermostat. It has to be how you monitor your alarm system. It has to stream video from all your apple devices. It has to accept FaceTime calls. It has to be able to sync with your iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPod, and your MacBook effortlessly. It has to use siri AND motion sensor technology. It has to take and display family photos. It has to be compatible with all
    nextgen consoles. It has to have access to the iCloud AND the almighty AppStore. And above all else it has to slip into your life so seamlessly and gracefully that you feel like it is something out of a scifi story, yet somehow you can no longer imagine life without it. It has to be so much more than just a tv could ever be, and I would be surprised if apple used a term as bland as “television.” Accessing your ipanel in the morning seems just familiar enough that it isn’t intimidating, but broad enough that you’d expect it to do anything. I think iPanel is right on the money. But, what do I know?

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    The one time someone says something that makes perfect sense and CoM call it absurd! SO funny! You guys are always wrong on your naming of products, etc. What makes you think you are right about this being absurd? You keep using iTV and seem adamant that is what it will be called, although there is absolutely no way it will be.

    iPanel makes sense and think its a very likely name.

  • brianistweeting

    I don’t care what they call it. I just want it to release already so I can buy it. Surely it will be a good product regardless of the nameplate.

  • Lane Jasper

    so it’s an iMac, TV, gaming center etc. all in one for that price? If so, not bad at all. I’m more conscerned about the size. like lets says a 27″ minimum at that price would be ideal but more is even better :-)

  • Gavin Williams

    Having thought about this for a long time. It doesn’t make financial sense for any company other than those that are already well established to produce a “Smart TV”. They’re too expensive, the average consumer replaces their TV maybe once every 3/4 years or until it breaks lol. I don’t think any company wants to release new OS’s or updates based on 3+ year old technology, look at iOS5, works great on an iPhone 4/4S but is a dog on the 3GS, original iPad and with no support for the 3G and original iPhone.

    The AppleTV as it stands is the perfect product. A £99 add on that works with any TV regardless of age and can be replaced/upgraded on a yearly basis because it’s so cheap!

    Stop and think logically for a second here!

    But then… the same could be said for the iPhone… at £500+ a lot of people said that it wouldn’t work… yet here we are! But that was a market where the majority of smart phones were pretty dire. Every one has since caught up and the iPhone although being one of the best smart phones to market, is slowly being overshadowed by the competition. This TV (if it were true) would need to be made of platinum, diamonds and hover in order to sell in my opinion.