i-FlashDrive HD Is An Any-File Thumb-Drive For Your iDevice



The Mission: You have files on your Mac or iPad, and you want to get them to your iPhone.

The Problem: There is no Wi-Fi network around, nor any cellular. You are, in fact, in the middle of the wilderness.

The Question: Why the hell are you transferring files between devices when you should be enjoying the great outdoors?

The Solution To The Mission, Not To The Question: The i-FlashDrive HD.

The best thing about the i-FlashDrive HD is the spelling of its name. The awkward use of intercaps and dashes means that your mother, who insists on writing I-PAD and the like, might even get this one right.

The device is a USB stick with a 30-pin dock connector on the back. The idea is that you can plug it into a Mac or an iOS machine and transfer data between the two (a companion app on the iPad/iPhone lets you read more than just the photos you can suck of a USB drive using the camera connection kit alone). But transfer is only half the story – after all, you can transfer any file you like over Bluetooth using the Mac and iOS Instashare app.

The neat part is that you can use the i-FlashDrive to store files. This will most obviously be useful for giant video files you don’t want choking your iPhone, but you can also copy pictures from your camera roll and have then delete them from your device to free up space or just act as a backup.

The rub? Price. The 8GB stick is $100, and the top-end 64GB model is a crazy $329. You could buy an iPad mini for that!

I am currently experimenting with tricking the app into seeing a regular USB drive plugged into a camera connection kit, but so far without success. I’ll let you know if it works.

Source: PhotoFast

Via: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

  • sault

    “….in the middle of the wilderness.” LOL

  • Jaime Antonio Rivera

    I just wanted to say that any post by Charlie Sorrel always makes me smile. I appreciate the humorous tone.

  • spacerays

    let me see, the only Mac which doesnt have an Airport to make a WiFi is, right, a Mac Pro. In the middle of wilderness.

  • hanhothi

    Yet another clumsy work around for one go iOS’s, most serious limitations. Would’nt it be cool if you could just plug a USB thumb drive into your iDevice and access ALL the data on it? This was and still is one of the things I found most frustrating with iOS!

  • ActionableMango

    let me see, the only Mac which doesnt have an Airport to make a WiFi is, right, a Mac Pro. In the middle of wilderness.

    Mac Pro has had WiFi standard since 2010 and as an option for much longer than that.

  • zolblu

    Why not use the USB-30 pin cable supplied with iPhone/iPad? If you carry along a Mac anyway, storage shouldn’t be an issue.