Ditch Your Mac And Roll iPad Only—We’ll Tell You How On Our All-New CultCast



Hot out the oven, a new iOS 6.1 jailbreak is ready to set free your iPhone! On our newest CultCast (episode 58), we’ll tell you why you should and shouldn’t jailbreak your precious iDevice, and the story of how a team of geniuses hacked into the brain of iOS to make it possible.

Then, what’s next for Mac Pro; the apps and gear you need to live an iPad-only life; and our favorite apps and tech on an all-new Faves ‘N Raves!

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Time to get CULTY YAAA’LLL. Show notes ahead.

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CultCast #58 – Ohhhhhh Myyyyy!

On The CultCast this week

Erfon Elijah – Cult of Mac writer and host of The CultCast

Buster Heine – Cult of Mac writer and community manager
Leander Kahney – Cult of Mac Editor-in-Chief
Charlie Sorrell – Cult of Mac gadgets editor