Apple Should Turn This Lock Screen Concept Into A Reality For iOS 7 [Video]



The iOS lock screen is a boring place. It displays the time, any notifications you’ve received since you last unlocked your device, and a shortcut to the Camera app. But that’s it. When you compare it to Android’s lock screen, which now has support for all kinds of cool widgets, it’s clear there’s room for improvement.

One way Apple could start improving it for iOS 7 is with this awesome concept from Jean-Marc Denis.

It simple, but it would make the lock screen a much more functional place. By introducing a pull-down tray with some basic toggles for frequently used features, users could toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and Hotspot without even having to unlock their iOS device. Check it out in the video below.

What would make this feature even better is if the user could customize the toggles in that tray. For instance, I hardly ever use the Hotspot feature on my iPhone, but I frequently find myself adjusting its brightness, or flicking Do Not Disturb on and off.

Apple has shied away from features like this in the past, but I think iOS users are beginning to want more from the company’s mobile platform. The basics have remained largely the same for the past five years, while rivals like Android have caught up and even overtaken in some areas.

What do you think?

Source: YouTube

Via: Macgasm

  • jipi

    Cool but in case the device is stolen, the thief would be able to immediately put the device in airplane mode and the “find my iphone” function would became useless

  • StevenSaidWhat

    The wi-fi toggle is desperately needed. I think Apple could add a lot of functionality to the lock screen without turning it into an Android knock-off.

  • technochick

    It seems to me that the real issue here is that folks don’t understand why Apple bothers with a lock screen at all. It’s a security/privacy feature. That is why it’s boring. It’s not meant to have every possible bell and whistle and control because those things can make your device less secure. As pointed out, a wifi or even airplane mode toggle makes it easier for a thief to defeat ‘find my iphone’ and similar controls. Sure you could put a passcode on that toggle but then it’s basically just as many steps as unlocking the phone etc.

  • Darkswat

    The wi-fi toggle is desperately needed. I think Apple could add a lot of functionality to the lock screen without turning it into an Android knock-off.

    this is true needs bluetooth and hotspot. Use Bluetooth always in the car and hotspot when on the train. Otherwise i need to search for it in the settings. This would be better on the notification bar instead of the lockscreen.

  • dcdevito

    Yet another fantastic iOS concept ripped off of Android

  • iOSinister

    Personally, I don’t want anything on my lock screen other than the time. It’s called a lock screen for a reason, to keep everything under lock. I do however see how a lot of folks would want this stuff on there, and therefor believe Apple needs to get on it. It boils down to this. I love my iPhone, and I love iOS, but it’s definitely allowing Android to catch up and on a lot of points, overcome iOS. Apple has one shot to make a mass of improvements in iOS 7, or they are going to be dooming themselves from here on out. People have and will jump ship to Android if Apple decided to remain stale and unmoving on issues with iOS.

  • Paullloydjohnson

    This is nicely executed, but it’s in the wrong place. It’s a lock screen, all this stuff needs to be in the task manager.

  • redrubicon07

    If those fancy widgets are updating every 15-30 minutes in the background while in my pocket I don’t really care to use/lose the battery power it would take. I maybe check the weather and stocks once maybe twice a day? Would it be nice to have “up to date” weather and stocks on my lock screen? Sure Maybe but would I actually look at it anymore before going right into the phone? I probably picked up the phone to do something else not stare at the lock screen. I would rather save the power.

  • Darkswat

    @paullloydjohnson is right it should be in the task manager.

  • lukchat67

    i don want it on my lock screen either… please keep all these widget in somewhere else within the phone after i unlock my phone

  • Allan Cook

    Why would I want this? Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it should be done. Keep it simple.

  • 5imo

    Bad idea lock screen toggles shouldn’t be done their a security risk. phone stolen turns flight mode on and any chance of finding it or wiping it gone.

  • efforting

    Honestly I don’t understand why people are so easy to accept and conform to apple mediocrity.
    I love my Apple devices but anyone can clearly see that they have been lagging behind in innovation as of late.
    Is iOS so perfect it cannot be improved upon? And since when are options a bad thing? If Apple is about simple and easy to use then why does it take so many unnecessary steps to turn off Bluetooth? They improved it slightly in iOS6 so they are aware of the issue but they only got halfway there. Everyday Android is innovating, moving forward and giving its users options. I hate to say it but unless iOS7 steps up its game I’m going to jump ship and I don’t think I will be the only one.

  • Nonnu

    As a proposal, it’s a great idea and very good design. On implementation, well… a lock screen (LS)is a LS and It’s supossed to lock the screen. In my opinon having toggles on a LS is to abandon the whole purpose of the LS, therefore a no-no.

  • diane526

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