Get double browsing protection with a password manager and VPN [Deals]


Dashlane Hotspot
This pair of apps will let you take control of your online security.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Going online is automatically risky, what with data thieves, snoops and location restrictions, among plenty of other hazards. One great way to make sure you’re protected is to regularly change up your passwords, and another is to connect through a virtual private network, or VPN.

Either move can take a lot of effort. But with this duo of apps — Dashlane Premium and Hotspot Shield Elite VPN — taking these precautions becomes effortless. And right now you can get three years of both for just $69.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Idiot grounds flight with stupid Wi-Fi hotspot name


Don't get on a plane with a Wi-Fi hotspot named "mobile detonation device."
Photo: Qantas

Everyone knows you shouldn’t say “bomb” on an airplane — and it should be just as obvious that you shouldn’t name your wireless gadgets ridiculous things, either.

A simple Wi-Fi hotspot sparked terrorism fears on a recent Australia-bound Qantas plane because someone thought it would be a good idea to name it “mobile detonation device.”

Apple Should Turn This Lock Screen Concept Into A Reality For iOS 7 [Video]



The iOS lock screen is a boring place. It displays the time, any notifications you’ve received since you last unlocked your device, and a shortcut to the Camera app. But that’s it. When you compare it to Android’s lock screen, which now has support for all kinds of cool widgets, it’s clear there’s room for improvement.

One way Apple could start improving it for iOS 7 is with this awesome concept from Jean-Marc Denis.

FreedomPop Unveils $99 iPod Touch Case With Built-In WiMAX


Could have been prettier.
Could have been prettier.

While the iPod touch is a terrific little device, it would be so much better if Apple gave it a data connection. It’s so frustrating when you quickly want to check on a sports score or load up a map and you’re in an area where there’s no Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to FreedomPop, however, you can now pick up a new case for $99 that comes with built-in WiMAX.

MyWi Update Brings iOS 5 Compatibility, Faster Speeds, Wi-Fi Sharing & More [Jailbreak][Update]


The latest MyWi update brings free (but illegal) tethering to iOS 5.
The latest MyWi update brings free tethering to iOS 5.

MyWi is widely regarded as one of the best jailbreak utilities for the iPhone, allowing users to turn their smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share its data connection with other devices without paying additional carrier charges. Its latest 5.5 update brings iOS 5 compatibility (finally!), faster speeds, Wi-Fi sharing, and more.

What Will The New iPad’s Release Mean For Your Business? [Feature]


How will the new iPad affect your business?
How will the new iPad affect your business?

As with many Apple product launches, today’s release of the new iPad is mostly a consumer event. But that doesn’t mean that the launch won’t have an impact on businesses. In fact, on Monday morning a number of new iPads may be walking into workplaces around the world. And users may be lobbying their employers to purchase the new iPad – if they haven’t stared doing so already.

So, what questions should businesses or IT professionals be asking about the new iPad? More importantly, what are the answers to those questions?

MyWi 4.0 : Create a Wireless Hotspot on Your iPad [How To]



The MyWi app by Intelliborn has been one of the biggest reasons to jailbreak an iOS based device. With the latest 4.0 release, creating a wireless hotspot has never been easier. For a one-time fee of $19.99 you can turn your stingy 3G iPad into a wireless hotspot capable of sharing your 3G connection with as many devices as you wish. I’ll show you how after the break.