Lion Case Folio Shield For iPad Mini



I have resolutely been refusing to buy an iPad mini, but this new case from Lion Case might tip me over the edge. It’s a mini version of one of my favorite cases of the year, the New York Hong Kong Folio.

Given that the NYHK case was impossibly light, yet tough, functional and (mostly) strong, the mini Folio case should be even better in all those respects.

The Folio Shield is made from microfiber (the NYHK has a leather outer and microfiber lining) and has a plastic tray to hold the iPad mini (I have cracked the corners on two NYHK cases, but they remain perfectly functional). The rear section of the folio is joined to the plastic tray halfway across its back, which means it’ll hing open to make a stand.

The microfiber does a great job of gripping itself to make this stand very steady, and almost infinitely adjustable in angle.

The mini seems like an iPad that should be used without a case, and so a full-on, full-time folio might seem like overkill. But it it’s your thing, Lion makes some excellent cases. Plus it’s just $32.


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