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The Lioncase Pocket Shield: Thin, Light And Pretty Damn Classy [Review]


PocketShield by Lioncase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad Mini
Price: $32

As ever, I shall start this iPad case review by reminding you that I only ever use a Smart Cover on either of my iPads, the mini and the Retina. And that on the occasions that I might be moved to use a case (when not actively reviewing one) I like something light and thin.

Which brings me to the Lioncase Pocket Shield for the iPad mini. It’s slim (13mm), it’s light (150g) and it has a pocket!

Lioncase’s iPad Mini Case Is So Light That The Laws Of Physics Are Quite Concerned [Review]


Folio Shield by Lioncase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad mini
Price: $32

Lioncase’s Folio Shield might be the best case I’ve yet tried for the iPad mini – apart from the Smart Cover that is. I’ll admit that I had trouble testing it because I love to fondle and caress the mini’s naked curves so much, but I forced myself, and I found out that – in the end – I quite enjoyed it.

Lioncase’s NYHK Case Is As Easy On The Eye As The Retina MacBook Pro It Protects



Lioncase’s NYHK (New York Hong Kong) case for the iPad is a leather celebration of monosyllabic place names. It is also one of the lightest and slimmest cases around, and it is the one that the Lady still chooses despite the flood of test cases (pun intended) which sweep through our home.

Now the lightweight case has been expanded to fit the MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch. GONE! is the brittle iPad-holding shell (the one weak point of the original), and NEW! is the button-fastening clasp.

The New York Hong Kong Case Is My Favorite iPad Case So Far, And It’s Cheap [Review]



Ever since the iPad 3’s magnet-reversal killed the ability for my Skech Porter case to wake the screen, I have been looking for an iPad case I can keep on all the time. The criteria are as follows, in no particular order:

  • Slim and light.
  • Functional, but not too complex.
  • Very good looking.
  • Magnet-enabled
  • Embossed map of New York or Hong Kong on the outside.

The last of these was just a joke, but the New York Hong Kong (NYHK) cases includes it and everything else on the list. In fact, if not for one important niggle (which is the fault of the iPad 3 itself), then the NYHK could be just about the best slimline folio case I have yet tried.

New York Hong Kong iPad Cases: Forget The Posing — These Are Some Seriously Slim Cases


The Folio Shell may be my next iPad case


The search for the perfect iPad case is never ending, but that won’t stop me trying. And as you get further along in your quest, the differences between cases becomes smaller and smaller. At first glance, these two slimline cases from Lioncase look like any other slimline folios and Smart Covers, but close up they look much more compelling.