Stack Your Web Design Toolbox With The World’s Largest UI Bundle [Deals]


CoM - UI Bundle

Sometimes you need to have that one tool in your digital toolkit, and it just isn’t there. Sometimes you want to have more to work with, but you just run out of inventory. Sometimes you just don;t have enough of what you need.

This latest Cult of Mac Deals offer will get rid of all of those “sometimes” when it comes to web design, because you’ll get over 300 vectors, icons and more for all of your design needs with The World’s Largest UI Bundle. And you’ll get it for only $69!

No longer will you have to explore the Internet for web design buttons and social icons. In this bundle you’ll get more than enough – you can mix and match over 300 components to make your website more attractive and user-friendly. This bundle has social media icons, navigation buttons, graphs, polls, dropdowns, menus, tabs, sliders, profiles, friend modules, music players…and more!

Here are some of the features that this deal offers:

  • Vector Formats: All included designs are ready to be scaled to any size. Shrink graphics down or blow them up without compromising quality.
  • Over 200 Icons : Hundreds of icons for thousands of combination possibilities. All the UI resources a creative web designer could ever need.
  • 5 Fresh Styles: Choose between Eco, Air, Aurora, Hybrid, and Spice styles for additional mixing and matching.
  • Professional Quality: Includes high-quality PSD files for all included elements making editing and altering a breeze.

Any web developer – whether a novice or a seasoned veteran – needs to have what this deal offers in their design arsenal. Get The World’s Largest UI Bundle for 80% off the regular price while you can – which won’t be for long! Head over to the Cult of Mac Deals page and stack that toolbox today!