Logitech Releases Long-Awaited Mac Compatible Software for Its Alert Security Cameras




Logitech’s Alert security system seemed pretty impressive when it first popped up on our radar: advanced indoor and outdoor cameras, night vision, lots of options — and here’s where your ears should perk up — the ability to view and control the cameras from an iPad or iPhone through the Logitech Alert iOS app. Only problem was, Logitech somehow forgot to make a Mac version of the Alert Commander software that comes with, and controls, the system.

But today Logitech has indeed released the a Mac version of the Alert Commander software (available as a free download at the App Store). Better late than never, and now we’re happy. But did it really have to take this long?

Diehard fangirls might be tempted to dismiss the $300-plus Alert system completely because of Logitech’s tardiness (and perhaps its price), but it’s worth taking a look at. Here’s the list of features, direct from the Logitech release:

Live, playback and multiple display views: Watch what’s happening in real time at your front door, driveway, and kitchen – all at once in HD resolution – or access previously recorded clips with playback controls that let you play, pause, forward, and rewind video. Both live and playback screens can also be displayed in single-camera, four-camera, or all-camera viewing modes.

Pop-out windows: Browse the Web or work on documents while keeping an eye on specific cameras without the app consuming your entire computer screen.

Motion zones: Up to 16 customizable, precise motion zones per camera help reduce false alarms around sensitive areas such as windows and doors.

Alerts and desktop notifications: Receive text alerts with snapshots to your e-mail or mobile phone when motion is detected. You can also schedule desktop notifications that will appear as pop-up messages on your computer with an image snapshot.

Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom: See more detail, more clearly by focusing in on certain areas or positioning the camera angle to exactly where you need it.

Automatic computer backup: Back up your camera’s video footage automatically to your Mac. Commander for Mac software allows you to review, archive, share or delete clips as needed.