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Chesh, Twitter Moments, and other awesome apps of the week


'Appy weekend all.
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Somehow it’s already half-way through the weekend, but there’s still time to check out the hottest apps to have arrived in the App Store as of late!

This week, we’ve selected a broad range of topics — from emergency alerts everyone should have installed on their iOS devices, to a fun photo app, and some truly immersive puzzle games. Check out our picks below.

How The iPhone’s ‘Tri-Tone’ Message Alert Was Taken From A 1998 MP3 Player



You don’t have to spend too much time in a public place before you hear the iPhone’s default “tri-tone” alert — it’s everywhere, and everyone knows exactly what it means. But do you know where it came from? You might be surprised to hear that it wasn’t actually composed for the iPhone, but for a 1998 MP3 player for the Mac called SoundJam MP.

Logitech Releases Long-Awaited Mac Compatible Software for Its Alert Security Cameras




Logitech’s Alert security system seemed pretty impressive when it first popped up on our radar: advanced indoor and outdoor cameras, night vision, lots of options — and here’s where your ears should perk up — the ability to view and control the cameras from an iPad or iPhone through the Logitech Alert iOS app. Only problem was, Logitech somehow forgot to make a Mac version of the Alert Commander software that comes with, and controls, the system.

But today Logitech has indeed released the a Mac version of the Alert Commander software (available as a free download at the App Store). Better late than never, and now we’re happy. But did it really have to take this long?

Use DietBulletin To Make Notification Banners Super Slim On Your Jailbroken iOS Device [Jailbreak]


With DietBulletin, notification banners are as slim as the status bar.
With DietBulletin, notification banners are as slim as the status bar.

Using banners for your notifications — rather than full-blown alerts we had to suffer prior to iOS 5 — is a great way to ensure incoming alerts stay out of your way while you’re busy sending tweets, chopping fruit, or writing emails. However, it would be nice if those banners could be even slimmer — maybe the same size of the status bar.

Thanks to DietBulletin, they can be.

Zomm’s Lifestyle Connect Omnisciently Watches Over You [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Remember those old “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ads (and the never-ending parodies that followed) for LifeAlert in the ’80s? Zomm has leveraged the new Bluetooth v4.0 technology to create a device with features that harken back to that older gadget; it too comes with a live operator — but the Zomm Lifestyle Connect‘s inclusion of Bluetooth makes it way cooler and vastly more useful.