iOS Devices Make Up 60% Of All Non-PC Video Traffic Despite Losing Marketshare To Android



Despite losing some of the tablet marketshare to Android tablets this year, the iPad and iPhone are still the two most popular non-PC devices to watch video on. A new study on video monetization conducted by FreeWheel found that Apple iOS devices make up more than 60% of all non-PC/Mac video viewing.

Even though Android tablets and smartphones have seen major gains, they’re still a work in progress and their users don’t consume media as heavily as iOS users.

FreeWheel analyzed more than 14 billion video views from their roster of ad-supported entertainment companies and found that viewership on non-PC device devices has tripled since 2011, hitting 1.3 billion video views.

The study also found that long-form video contains the highest amount of ads, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but long-form video content also receives the highest rate of ad completion. We would guess that the reason behind that is once you’ve invested 20 minutes of your life into watching a new episode of Modern Family on Hulu you’re not going to give all that up over a 30 second ad.

Source: FreeWheel

  • Market_Mayhem

    Wall Street definitely believes that Google and Android are destroying Apple. All the evidence points to that conclusion. Every article I’ve seen recently talks about Apple’s shrinking market growth in both smartphone and tablet industries. Is this just a big lie? Why would Apple’s share price drop off a cliff if this wasn’t so? All of Apple’s product releases recently have been said to be greatly underwhelming in sales, so obviously Apple is not selling enough products to hold off Android’s rapid growth. I know everyone must be buying Android devices because every retail store I’ve ever seen is just loaded with Android smartphones and tablets. Someone has to be buying them.