iOS Devices Make Up 60% Of All Non-PC Video Traffic Despite Losing Marketshare To Android



Despite losing some of the tablet marketshare to Android tablets this year, the iPad and iPhone are still the two most popular non-PC devices to watch video on. A new study on video monetization conducted by FreeWheel found that Apple iOS devices make up more than 60% of all non-PC/Mac video viewing.

Even though Android tablets and smartphones have seen major gains, they’re still a work in progress and their users don’t consume media as heavily as iOS users.

FreeWheel analyzed more than 14 billion video views from their roster of ad-supported entertainment companies and found that viewership on non-PC device devices has tripled since 2011, hitting 1.3 billion video views.

The study also found that long-form video contains the highest amount of ads, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but long-form video content also receives the highest rate of ad completion. We would guess that the reason behind that is once you’ve invested 20 minutes of your life into watching a new episode of Modern Family on Hulu you’re not going to give all that up over a 30 second ad.

Source: FreeWheel