Lucky Frame Teases New Musical Arcade Game For iOS, Wave Trip


Wave Trip

Lucky Frame made one of my favorite games on iOS ever, Pugs Luv Beats. It’s no surprise, given the game’s focus on my favorite dogs of all time and a wicked-cool beat-making mechanic, adorable graphics, and a spin-off app, Pug Synth. They put out Bad Hotel, next, a quirky and innovative take on the castle defense genre that has the games studio’s signature graphic style and musical theme.

Now they’re taking a similar electronica vibe and marrying it with a two-button, arcade-style side-scrolling game on iOS called Wave Trip. And it looks a beaut.

Wave Trip won’t only be an arcade game, of course. Lucky Frame promises an easy to use level creator that will turn us all into game designers and musical composers with a few taps. We’ll be able to make our own musically delicious Wave Trip levels and then share them with our friends for fun and bragging rights.

Looks good, right? Sounds good, too. While details are thin on the ground, Lucky Frame has a good track record so far, and also has our email address. They promise to send us more information on this upcoming iPad and iPhone game as soon as they can, and when they do? We’ll pass it right along to you.

Source: Lucky Frame