LG Super-Wide Panoramic Monitor Accepts Two Inputs At Once


The “world’s first panoramic monitor” might not sound appropriate for the Cult of Mac, but when you find out about some of its tricks, you’ll see why I’m bothering to tell you about it.

The monitor is from LG, measures 29-inches on the diagonal and has a wide, wide aspect ratio of 21:9, and a rather lame resolution of 2,560 x 1,080.

But the trick comes with the ports. It packs a DVI-D Dual port, two HDMI ports, a Display Port, plus three USB 3.0 holes and an audio jack. Software trickery lets you see up to four different views simultaneously, but even cooler is the ability to hook up two devices at once. That is, you could use one side for your MacBook and the other side for your iPad, via HDMI.

It’s niche, to be sure, but I love the wide aspect ratio. For writers, this is going to be pretty useful, and we could even afford it at the reasonable, reasonable price for ~$630.

Source: LG Newsroom Korea

Via: SlashGear