Use Microsoft’s New SmartGlass App To Control An Xbox 360 With Your iPhone or iPad



The world converges yet again as Microsoft has just updated its My Xbox app, which released last December, giving it a new name to boot. SmartGlass has been the talk of the gaming community since E3 this past summer, as the technology and gaming giant launched its intitiative to rule your living room using the devices you already have; namely, your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

The new SmartGlass app for iOS lets you navigate through your Xbox 360 with swipes and taps on your iPad or iPhone, type using your iOS keyboard, and browse the internet with gesturally controlled zoom functions. You’ll also be able to use the SmartGlass app to interact with videos and music on the 360, like a really fancy remote control, including search functions for the Xbox catalog of music, video, and (natch) games.

You can change your Xbox Live 3D avatar right from the app, edit your Xbox profile, message your Xbox friends, and track and compare your Xbox Live achievements with those of your Xbox buddies.

While it’s exciting to see the beginning of Microsoft’s gaming strategy coming to the iOS screen, that’s just wat it is: a start. Soon, they promise, you’ll be using your connected SmartGlass device to see information about the movies or TV shows you’re watching, and even get a second screen for games, possibly including maps or other control schemes on an iPad or iPhone.

Your phone or tablet transforms into the ideal second screen companion to your TV as it automatically serves up extended experiences of your favorite TV shows, movies, music, games and sports. Interactive companion guides, behind-the scenes commentary, and real-time game strategy are just a taste of what you can unlock with Xbox SmartGlass.

The SmartGlass app is available now in the iTunes App Store for the grand price of free. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Source: iTunes App Store
Via: MacNN

  • Rebelord

    For some reason the release of this new app has also caused Microsoft to think that someone else is trying to use my account, and now I’m locked out.

  • JSBrock

    No iPhone 5 support! :(

  • BrainGameMayhem

    Finally! Can’t wait to see what game developers will do with this going forward. Make the tablet a map, quests, inventory, playbook, journals… The possibilities are endless!