Keychain Sized And Full Of Win – The Impulse Game Controller Gets Even Smaller, Adds Shoulder Buttons


impulse controller

The iMpulse Game controller, now with eight days left in its Kickstarter campaign, was already planned to be a sleek little keychain-sized physical game controller. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and various Android devices, the iMpulse is getting an update to make it 20% thinner, as well as adding shoulder buttons on the bottom of the device.

For a pledge of $25 plus shipping, you can get one of these cute, sleek gaming controllers with a serious d-pad and shoulder buttons sent to your address. There are other levels of reward, as well, including a T-Shirt, dual controllers, fancy metal plating, and the like.

In addition, the iMpulse can double as a media controller, a remote photo button, and a keychain finder. It can also be flipped around for lefties and righties alike, and it charges via a mini USB port.

The iMpulse uses Bluetooth 2.1 so it’s compatible with a wider range of mobile devices, not just the most recent, and the company claims it can play anything the iCade can and more. Two controllers can be used for one device, as well, though we’re not sure how they’ll technically do that; if they can pull it off, we’ll be seriously impressed.

Product Specifications:
Size: 2.7″l x 1.3″w x 0.6″h.
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer.
Battery Life: 10 hours playtime, 30 days standby.
Bluetooth Version: 2.1 low power protocol
Effective Range: 100 feet.

There are tons of details on all the above features, plus the latest update on the iMpulse Kickstarter page as well as the main website.

  • haineux

    How much to get it shipped WITHOUT pus?

  • roblef

    How much to get it shipped WITHOUT pus?

    Hahaha. Nice catch. Fixed!

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    Nice, just pchased the $55 option!