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Just Added To The MacHeist Bundle, MacGourmet Deluxe Adds Another $50 Worth Of Value



The MacHeist Bundle is a great deal of software for a great price, and it benefits great charities. This much you know, because we already told you.

Today, however, we learned that another app has been added to the run down, the $50 cooking app, MacGourmet, that developer Mariner Software calls the “iTunes for recipes.”

MacGourmet takes “recipe app” farther than you’d think, with recipes for people of all skill levels in the kitchen. It allows you to import recipes from websites or input your own. Recipes have info about the ingredients, how to prepare the food, notes, and even nutritional values and a picture of the prepared meal. You can browse or search through the recipes, scale recipes for different amounts of servings needed, and plan meals with drag and drop ease. You’ll be able to print out your recipes and meal plans easily, avoiding the whole “computer in the kitchen” issue.

Share your recipes via MacGourmet’s Cookbook Builder, creating a cover, table of contents, sections, and print it all out or turn it into an easily shareable PDF. The recipes included in MacGourmet come from places like the National Chicken Cooking Contest, the National Beef Cook-Off, and the National Pork Council. Yes, there is such a thing. You can even make notes about the wine to serve with each of your meals, cataloging the winery, region, sub-region, vintage and style of wine. Record your wine experience to remember what worked, and what didn’t, the next time you make that meal.

And yes, there’s even an app for that–MacGourmet for the iPhone ($2.99) and the iPad ($4.99) is available as well, each of which will sync with the Mac version of the app, letting you take your entire recipe database with you, whether you want your recipes with you at a friend’s house, or your shopping list with you on your iPhone.

The MacHeist bundle is still only $30, and you get all the software we told you about yesterday, plus MacGourmet Deluxe. Plus 25% goes to charity. It’s win/win!

Source: MacHeist