MacHeist Extends Bundle For Three More Days, Adds TuneUp and MoneyBag To Already Impressive List Of Mac Apps


MacHeist 4 Bundle Extended

MacHeist today announced that it was adding two more apps, TuneUp and MoneyBag to its fantastically priced bundle, and is extending the sale of the bundle for three more days. That’s right, you now have the opportunity to purchase $754 worth of great Mac apps for $29, along with giving your choice from the list of MacHeist charities a 25% cut. The sale will end, they say, on Monday.

So far, the MacHeist 4 Bundle has raised close to $234,000 for the charities it benefits, including Action Against Hunger, The Nature Conservancy, American Foundation for AIDS, Save the Children, Friends of the Earth, Global Fund for Women, Direct Relief International, Cancer Research Institute, Humane Society International, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Twitter for Mac Has Super Secret Preference Menu



Part the storied mists of time and gaze back far enough and you might remember that MacHeist once promised bundle-buyers the option to play around with Tweetie 2 before release, and even get a copy for free when it finally came out.

Needless to say, that promise came back to haunt MacHeist, as Tweetie was bought by Twitter and Tweetie 2 became the official Twitter for Mac client, which debuted yesterday as a free download on the Mac App Store.

MacHeist hasn’t let us bundlers down, though, as the new Twitter for Mac client has some secret easter eggs that are only available to MacHeist buyers… or anyone who doesn’t feel bashful around a terminal prompt.