Klout Updates iOS App With New Perks, Influence Card For Passbook



The folks at Klout, the social network influence web company, want you to be recognized for your Klout score wherever you go. Their iOS app has added Perks and a special Passbook-enabled influence card that you can access right on your iOS device when you’re out and about.

The new update brings Klout Perks to partner websites and to the iPhone, providing you with exclusive access to “products, services, and experiences” that match your interests. It also lets businesses connect with folks who are Klout influencers, who then are likely to evangelize the products they like, as well. So far, the Perks via the website have included free Sony Headphones, early access to Nike Fuel Bands and test drives of the Chevy Volt.

As of the new update, you’ll be able to get Perks right from your iPhone, which will notify you of Perks you are eligible for, as well as let you claim the Perks when out and about with your device.

In addition, you’ll be able to use Passbook, adding your Klout Card to Apple’s new wallet app. It will show your name, photo, and Klout Score via Passbook, so you can now flash it to potential doormen, saying, “Don’t you know how influential I am?” with your eyes and iPhone alone.

Klout has also released an SDK to let partners authenticate users via the Klout service. The first partner to hop on the Klout partnership bandwagon is 500px, a Toronto-based photo community that lets users discover, share, buy, and sell photos. If your Klout score is high enough, you’ll get savings on a premium 500px account, up to 100% off. Talk about influential!

Source: Klout Blog